How it started

In 2016, Ramon Luckers and Bob Coolen worked in the events industry next to their regular day-time jobs. Bob worked as a project manager within the staffing industry and Ramon as co-owner of an event location. During the period that Bob worked as a project manager, he received an lot of questions about whether it was also possible to hire staff via him. This gave him the idea to start his own staffing agency in 2018. This was the birth of the brand 'Zuivere Koffie' in 2018. Zuivere Koffie provided students who were eager to work in the events industry.

Ramon, in addition to his role as co-owner of an event venue, has over 10 years of experience as an account manager within ICT. From his role as event venue owner he came in contact with Bob.
In 2020, Ramon had new growth ambitions. He wanted to use his experience in ICT to establish a platform where people and knowledge got connected in order to serve the staffing needs of organizations. ''With the goal of making everyone grow.''

Resulting in Bob and Ramon joining forces. This is how Flavour People was born. Flavour People is a combination of knowledge, experience and ambition in order to add value to our people and the people we work with.

Growth Ambition
Flavour People is keen to help you realize your growth ambitions, by matching our professionals with your wishes and core values. Our people make the difference!

National coverage
We operate throughout the Netherlands and have a staff database with national coverage. This coverage is supplemented with regional knowledge.

Personal contact
A personal approach towards clients and professionals is our standard. A personal contact person for everyone.

Let’s Grow Your Business

By choosing Flavour People you choose certainty: we guarantee punctuality, precision, professionalism and excellent performance. Our People Grow Your Business!

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