Technical terms and jargon, lifting and carrying techniques, working with recognized certificates that clients request (HACP, SVH). That is exactly what Flavour People Training offers. We provide courses which professionals can use in practice immediately: competitively priced, fully focused on professional practice and in a composition that suits the professional and employer in a short period of time.

Our community exists out of professionals who master a particular expertise. Professionals who are members of our community are introduced to a platform where development and knowledge sharing is key.

We believe in the importance of continuous development on a personal and professional level, therefore Flavour People offers various courses not only for affiliated professionals but also for external businesses professionals. Make sure your professionals are always up to date with the latest developments!

Training locations

Our training locations are located in different types of locations in order to make sure they match the different practices as much as possible. Our professionals are trained at these locations in a simulated manner as well as in daily practice. Locations we currently make use of are Music Dome, Schinvelderhoeve and other on-site locations.

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