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Flavour People is a community of professionals who master a particular specialty. Professionals, who are members of our community, are introduced to a platform where development and knowledge sharing stand central. A temporary position, secondment or permanent placement; we are always available for advice, coaching and guidance. Are you ready for the next step in your career? We will lead the way and support you during your career development!

We believe in the importance of continuous development on a personal and professional level, therefore Flavour People offers various courses not only for affiliated professionals but also for external businesses professionals. Make sure your professionals are always up-to-date with the latest developments!

Are you representative, do you have a clear vision, do you have lots of ambition and energy? Take a look at our vacancies and submit your resume!


Core values:
We get inspired by our core values and the motivation of our people and clients.



We believe having passion for your job is the most important factor in order to be successful. Therefore, we make sure all our professionals are passionate about their job. As a result we can ensure high quality work, which start by doing what we promise. You do not have to wait before you get a call back. Moreover, you will not have to provide the same information over and over again. Our people know who you are and what is going on. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!


We want to know what your driving force is, so we can guide you optimally. We think it is important you are successful, remain successful and that you can continuously develop yourself. We will guide you, give you advise and ensure that you receive the right training during your working period. Besides being successful during your work we also want you to be successful during the application procedure. We will advise you about the organization, the people who work there and introduce you to the culture within the organization. By doing this, you will increase your success and we will make sure that it is a match. After all, our goal is to let you grow.


Flavour People focuses on the future. Our employees pay full attention to candidates so we know exactly what you want, thereby we can jointly work on your future. Our business development managers think in creative and innovative solutions to create the best opportunities for you as a candidate.

Sharing knowledge

Our professionals are provided with the right professional guidance, career advice and training. This is how we ensure growth on personal and professional level. This is reflected in the workplace in the thousands of projects of our clients.

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